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Weight Loss

Supplements that can help weight loss include:

  • THERMO PLUS – synergistic herbs that at as thermogenic fat metabolizers that help burn fat and increase metabolism, while stabilizing blood sugar levels
  • GREEN COFFEE PLUS – synergistic herbs help to slow the release of glucose into the body after a meal, keep blood sugar levels stable, support appetite control, reduce cravings, increase fat burning and thereby promote weight loss
  • GARCINIA PLUS – offers support for everything from appetite control, regulation of cravings and stable blood sugar levels, to fat burning, high energy levels, a fast metabolism and other important aspects of weight loss
  • RICE PLUS – provides a high-protein drink that can be substituted for a meal – boosted with addition of SUPER GREENS PLUS
  • SUPER GREENS PLUS – a high in vegetable-source proteins, this full-spectrum blend also contains over 20 natural enzymes and 70 beneficial nutrients that is low calorie
  • LEAKY PLUS – all-in-one dietary fibre based colon cleanser, detoxification and weight loss supplement – a natural solution for body waste cleanse and shape-up support