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Tachyon Products


Wagner, a scientist and Tachyon researcher, had discovered that everything evolves out of the Tachyon field and through his research in applied physics discovered the TachyonizationTM process. Tachyonization is a process based on physics that help to restructures certain natural materials at the submolecular level, creating a permanent Tachyon antennae. Wagner’s vision was to use the Tachyonization process to help people benefit on the level of health and consciousness.

The Tachyonization process developed by Wagner can easily be patented, but the decision was made to keep the process proprietary as this affords it better protection overall. Instead of spending funds on expensive patent lawyers and patent infringement lawsuits, the available funds help to keep the cost of the Tachyon products as low as possible.

The benefits when using Tachyonized products include:

  • natural detoxification
  • increased absorption of available vitamins and minerals
  • increased energy for physical activities
  • increased awareness of subtle energies
  • increased brain function
  • increased circulation
  • exceptional improvements in athletic abilities and muscle recovery – athletes use these products notice a significant decrease in fatigue, allowing for increased performance

Tachyon products can also protect again GEOPATHIC, ELECTROMAGNETIC and MOBILE PHONE stress. Specifically, here are some of the product below and what they can be used for: